The Power of She

International Women’s Day is one to be celebrated by both males and females. No one would be here without the strong women of today’s day.

The personal chefs. The midnight school project wizards. Boardroom slayers. Children raisers. Advice givers. We couldn’t do anything without them. Sisters. Mothers. Friends. Grandmothers. Daughters. Cousins. Co-Workers.

Women are resilient and it’s time we started acting like it. Women are always hushed and never taken seriously, but little do they know the world as we know it would cease to exist without us. Be proud of that. Be proud of your accomplishments and who you are. We’re always telling everyone it’s fine, it’s no big deal but why do we diminish our accomplishments? Why do we make ourselves seem small? Why are we allowing ourselves to be silenced by the voice of a man? (No that doesn’t mean we should be man haters).

I remember a specific night me and my boyfriend at the time (now ex) went car shopping. For ME. All the car sales men directly went to him to talk to him about what car IIIIIII wanted.

Similar things have happened to my sister, an entrepreneur and business owner. In business meetings everyone turns to her male business partners ignoring their knowledge that she is the owner. It happens to women all over.

Now more than ever it is important to show everyone that we mean business. We have to do it for the future generations. We are more powerful than even we know. Who else can take care of a household, excel in their career, manage the upbringing of children, and serving others in their community and make it look easy? Giving so much is our super power but we have to remember where it starts and that is with us. You CANNOT pour from an empty cup. Before you can say I love you, you have to be able to say I.

The world is in our hands and I wish so badly that each and every girl knew their capabilities and tapped into their potential. We all have ideas and talents we haven’t even discovered that are just begging to be let out. We are not competitors rather a support system linked by something so much bigger than ourselves. Yet we still bring each other down? I think in order to bring about our full potential we need to start acting like we’re on the same team. Every single girl on this earth is different and beautiful in their own way. We set the standard for everything. We need to do better. Do you even know how powerful you are? Try it. Support other women. Encourage. Watch what happens. Reach out to just one woman a day for the next week. It’s amazing the good you can put into the world.

Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.


Xx, Kennah



The topic of authenticity and being genuine has been weighing on my mind a lot lately. Especially with so much content being put out onto the inter webs nowadays it’s become very superficial. You can never tell what is real and what is fake.

For me it is so important to remain true to myself.

Being a blogger in a world where there are literally hundreds of thousands of them. Posting outfits, articles, playlists, recipes and everything in between. The swipe uppers. The discount coders. Taking on sponsorships and collaborations just to get paid without even testing out products first. With me everything I post or recommend is something that I have purchased, tried, and loved MYSELF. I know I am small but even if companies were sending me things to test out, I will NEVER recommend something I haven’t honestly loved. I will never take advantage of this platform I have to talk and fill it with lies or photoshop. I will never fake the “my life is perfect” act because it isn’t. It’s far from it to be quite honest but it’s my life and I absolutely love every second of it.

There are tons of bloggers and people out there doing exactly what I am doing here, but I hope you feel my realness. I love fashion and beauty, but if you’ve been reading my blog lately it’s been much more than that. It’s given me a lot more confidence to continue to post good content that others can relate to. I love hearing peoples stories. I love connecting with people. Yes, I am going to still be posting beauty and fashion but this blog is becoming much more than I could have ever imagined. The people who have reached out to me telling me they’ve struggled with anxiety or that they love that I am willing to talk about such a touchy subject I APPRECIATE YOU! More than you know.

In a world of filters, editing, and photoshop there is a lack of realness. For all of us. I hope that I can help to bring it back. This isn’t a job for me and it never will be. It’s something I enjoy and love doing. I hope I can help others have the courage to do the same and be confident in what they do have and not worry about what they don’t. Everyone on social media whether you’re a blogger or not could use more raw authenticity. Don’t be afraid to be you. I’m here blogging, being the link in bio girl, putting myself out there and it is really scary and at times I feel silly. What difference can I make in the world? Why would people want to hear what I have to say when there’s so many already doing this same thing? Here I am still writing, still creating and I will never stop.

I was created to create.
Xx, Kennah

Favorite Finds + Monthly Update

Finally January is over! Am I the only one who feels like it is easily the longest month of the year? Onto February, it’s starting to feel like it’s Spring and I am LOVING it! Which means new colors, new fashion, and cleaning out everything! I love getting rid of old clothes and re-doing my closet pretty much every season. I have my classics that are good year round and then my seasonal pieces I mix in. Here are the things I am obsessing over at the moment.

  1. I’ve been using this teeth whitener toothpaste for a while now and need another tube actually.
  2. The sweetest girl at my lash salon showed me this amazing hand cream. It smells amazing and makes my hands softer than any other lotion I’ve ever used. It’s like liquid silk.
  3. Another favorite skin combo is my shea sugar scrub and the hemp tropical hand lotion.
  4. Might be buying this geometric succulent wall hanger for a specific bridal shower.
  5. The perfect crew neck tee, under $10 which means I can buy it in every color and not feel bad about it.
  6. The cutest/comfiest jersey dress for running errands or even church.
  7. My mom bought the cutest black mules that I will be stealing from her.
  8. I’m going to need a little more motivation to go to the gym. I think these chalk pink Rebok trainers will work or these black adidas.
  9. Cropped sweatershirt I would like in every single color. Only $25.
  10. Needing this she is fierce mantraband. And anything else women empowerment.
  11. This recommendation also comes with a warning. Once you start you cannot stop with this candle. No it is not just any candle I know what you’re thinking.
  12. Anything BP from Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack is my JAM! Especially these springy mauve colored round sunglasses. Don’t feel bad if you lose or break them because they were only $14.
  13. Also from BP, tier sleeve sweatshirt dress. Would look so cute with these sneaks.


Xx, Kennah


“The Advice Book”

I wanted to make a post about “The Advice Book” I made for my little sister for Christmas. It’s such a sweet & sentimental gift to give to someone you care about. I’m actually not that crafty when it comes to making presents like this, but this one was actually pretty easy. I bought a blank journal from Target and got to work. My opening page (which I cried writing) is pictured below to help give you an idea. I wrote lessons I have learned along the way about boys, self-confidence, money, friends and threw in some quotes that have stuck with me over the years.

Here are a few examples :

“Be content with the process & where you are. You may not be where you want to be one day, but you will get there. Don’t waste today wishing it was tomorrow because the time will pass you by.”


“When your heart hurts :
– Eat Ice Cream
– Go for a Drive
– Listen to Sad Songs
– Listen to Happy Songs
– Take a Bubble Bath
– Buy a new Outfit
– Play with a Puppy
– Take a Trip
– Have a Dance Party
– Re-Decorate
– Watch Me before You to remind you that your life isn’t THAT bad.
– Buy yourself flowers
– Spend time at the Gym
– Kiss a cute boy
– Cry with a friend”


“If it won’t matter to you in 1 year, let it go.”


“LOVE is not a reason to tolerate DISRESPECT.”


“Happiness is just a way of looking at life.”


“Growing up is a lot different than you think it is going to be. Don’t set unrealistically high expectations. Take things for what they are and just go with the flow. Life is so good & worth all the hard times you will go through.”


“You’re NOT a snack if everybody has a bite…. you’re a FREE sample!”


“Negativity in all forms will kill your happiness before anything else. Get rid of negative people & negative thoughts.”


“Credit cards will get you in trouble. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.”


“People can’t read your mind, you have to learn how to communicate your feelings in a nice way. AND it will be different with every boy you date or every family member/friend you have.”


“Assumptions make an (ASS) out of yo(U) & (ME). *if you’re confused it spells assume.”


“DON’T :
– Push away the people who care about you.
– Stop learning
– Rely on others for your own happiness
– Do anything that doesn’t make you happy
– Beg for anyone’s attention
– Stop until you’re proud”


Xx, Kennah




My Struggle with Anxiety

How ironic is it that writing this post gives me anxiety. My struggle with anxiety is something I’ve never talked about or shared before. Those who are extremely close to me (parents and a few friends) are really the only ones who know about my social anxiety. I hope some of you are able to relate to me and my story, if not lets talk a little bit about what social anxiety is. Social anxiety is a common chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety. It can be genetic or caused by your environment. I think when we hear the term mental health we sort of freak out and think there’s something wrong with them and that person is crazy, but that is not at all the case. I promise I’m a normal person and most of the people who do struggle with anxiety are.


Both my parents and siblings have struggled with anxiety in the past and still do. Some have been medicated and that’s worked for them, but my mom didn’t want me to be (because it had caused even more issues for her than it did good) and I was against being reliant on something when I knew I was strong enough to overcome (I also just don’t like taking pills even ibuprofen in general). This isn’t the case for all people and every person has a different mental capacity but for me I definitely thought it was possible. I also didn’t have full-on panic attacks like some.

The first episode:

Looking back there is one specific story that comes to mind while I was riding the bus to school in kindergarten (yes I can actually remember exactly how I felt). My mom had just bought me a new water bottle that was extremely hard to open/close. I opened it to take a drink and soon realized I wasn’t strong enough to close it again. (This story sounds so silly now but it was terrifying to this shy little girl.) I started to panic because on a bumpy bus ride how was I supposed to not spill water all over myself? I held the lid closed and continued to try to close it while my anxiety levels started to rise to the point where I felt physically sick. Eventually I decided to ask the bus driver to close the bottle for me and even she struggled to get it to closed (thanks mom). After I had gotten off the bus to go to school, my best friend wasn’t feeling good either so we called her mom and she came and picked us both up from school.

After that point I don’t remember having anxiety again until I was in 5th grade. My best friend (the one from the first story who I grew up with) moved to Chicago. I had other friends at school who I even played with outside of school, but she was this place of comfort for me. She was always there and her leaving sort of set off this trigger for me. I couldn’t go to the last day of school because I felt physically ill. All summer I struggled with going to church and out to restaurants with my family (they all give me crap for that to this day). I became so worried about getting sick somewhere that I was stuck (i.e. church or school because I couldn’t drive at this point) that my mind would get so worked up over it I would get physically ill. I remember thinking back this summer and how scared I was to think about having to go to Jr. High and even High School one day. It was absolutely inconceivable to me that I would have to do those things and I was sure I would die before that happened but look at me now!

My mom took me to many doctors visits to have x-rays, blood work, and tons of tests done because she didn’t know what it was at first. Starting that next year of school my mom had to follow the bus to school and sit outside of my class for the first 30 minutes of the day and then I would be fine. This lasted for about 2 weeks and I felt comfortable with my surroundings, but it came back again at the end of the year. My mom made me listen to meditations in the mornings before school and I would start to pace back and forth as time drew closer and closer to leave. We also worked on breathing techniques which I still use to this day. Eventually her and the doctor decided to put me on a stomach acid reducer (basically tums to help with the placebo effect) which did work for me.

Finally moving up to junior high I was fine the first day of school but the 2 weeks after that were super hard for me. I threw up everyday before school. Something about change has always been a big trigger for me. New places, flying, or having to eat out in a restaurant basically I became a mess of a person. After I got acclimated to the year and my classes I was fine, but every school year it seemed to come back. 9th grade was the first year I didn’t get anxiety because we were the big sharks of the school, but it was back again my sophomore year of high school. Just like all the years before I used my breathing techniques and faked it until I made it. Someone once said to me “it’s just one day, you can make it because you’ve lived through so many” and this has stuck with me. Since that year I really haven’t had anxiety but maybe 2-3 times.

My next struggle (and continuous struggle) is flying. I don’t know that I’ll ever get truly used to this because there are times when I have been totally fine flying and others where I’m confident I’ll be fine and then I’m not. One thing I have noticed is dramamine will calm my nerves and almost dull that feeling so I don’t get anxious. When flying without it if I think even for one second that I might get sick, it’s over. When flying from Salt Lake City to Charlotte last year on a red eye about 45 minutes to landing I started getting anxiety. Talking to people helps me so I woke up my boyfriend at that time and he watched a movie and talked with me and it was fine. We made it thru the airport to our next gate and we even got jamba juice. Sitting there waiting again for the plane to Punta Cana I had time to think about getting sick and boom, I was throwing up in the bathroom at the airport while everyone was boarding. We were the last 2 to board the plane (which gave him anxiety) and needless to say we both threw up on the plane and then passed out, it was a super fun experience let me tell ya.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is not to let these fear and anxieties conquer us. Don’t stop doing the things you love to do because your anxiety controls you. I love to travel and I will continue to do so regardless of being trapped in a tiny plane in the sky packed with strangers. There will be days when it does win, but keep fighting. Making it through a day of school without anxiety gave me so much power and confidence that it truly helped me to completely get over it. Conquering fears will empower you. Having a good support system will also help you SO MUCH. Find someone to talk to about it, it is so healing to share and talk and ask questions because we’re not alone in this struggle. When I was going thru this at the time I hated my mom. I just wanted her to let me stay in bed and not have to leave, but what would that have taught me? To give up? To let my fears win? I am so thankful to have my mom because without her I would not be where I am today. I have gained so much confidence I could go anywhere new and talk to pretty much anyone now given I might analyze every word I said afterward but that’s a story for a different time.

If you’re still reading this THANK YOU! It means so much to me that you took the time to read my story and I’d love to hear yours!

Xx, Kennah


To the girl who loves more..

This post is a little different from my typical posts about make-up or fashion and I hope that’s okay. I felt inspired to write this post dedicated to girls out there who feel just like me. The girls who always feel like they love more. I can’t tell you that I have found the guy who was worth the wait and heartbreak, but I can tell you he is out there.

To the girl who is still with him:

You’re worth more than this. You deserve better. You might not see it now, but you will one day. I’ve been in that place where I accepted less than I deserved. I always knew I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my relationship, but people have a way of making you feel crazy. Like you’re asking for too much. Respect, love, even assurance are all important things. Everyone has a different love language. No one deserves to be with someone who makes you question your worth or what you mean to them. The right guy will constantly be reminding you. He will not put himself in a place where he could possibly lose you because he can’t bear the thought of living without you. You are strong enough to leave and it will be worth waiting for the right one. I promise you are worth it and you CAN find it. You deserve to be happy.

To the girl in the dating scene:

The dating scene can be one of the most frustrating things. People will waste your time and play games while you are looking for something more, something that’s real and will last. You always put everything into everyone else and that’s what makes you so special. Do not forget that. No matter how people make you feel it doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong. You have this incredible ability to love and feel. The right person is going to see you for exactly who you are. They will see the value of a good heart. When you find someone who wants to try, don’t hold back or hold things against them because of your past. Give them everything you’ve got because you only have one life and one chance. This love you’re looking for will find you and it will be too good to let someone who didn’t see your value spoil it for you.

To the girl who isn’t ready to date yet:

Until you find something that is worth your time focus on yourself. Put that energy you put into others back into yourself. When the one you’ve long been waiting for comes, you have to be ready. Knowing yourself first is very important because you can’t love someone else if you don’t truly love who you are. A wise woman once told me in order to be loved you must first be lovable. Find that girl. Love that girl. Prepare yourself to be a good girlfriend, wife, or mother. Whatever you want to be, you have to grow into that person. Read books, study things that interest you and most of all set goals for yourself. I have taken cooking classes, travelled to new places and spent hours at the gym. Discover new things about yourself. He will see you doing your thing and he will come.

Remember, what is meant for you will not pass you by. Look for the good if you are struggling, you will find it. Look for the bad and you will find it.

Xx, Kennah


V-Day Date Night Outfit Inspo

While I will be celebrating Galentines with my sister, most of you will be out with your hunny loves so I thought I’d help take something off your plate with my favorite Valentine outfit options. My go to has ALWAYS been when it comes to dresses for ANY special occasion.

  1. Pink Off The Shoulder – This light pink makes it seem sweet, but this curve hugging dress will remind him you still got it.


2. Red Skater Dress – I love this dress because it’s so fun and flirty but fierce with the red at the same time. (This is what I’m wearing to Galentines this year!)


3. V Jumpsuit – I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit. For the comfy girl that still loves to wow. (Honestly if I had a real Valentine’s date this is what I would wear because I am that comfy girl.)


4. Romantic White Lace Long Sleeve Dress – Maybe he’ll pop the question? Or just want to put those thoughts in his head? This white lace dress will definitely do it.


5. Black Floral Dress –  For the casual and chic girl.


6. Maxi Dress – This pop of color is everything and more. Spring is coming guys. It is January but it is coming. (also comes in 8 other colors)


7. LBD – This little black bodycon dress will leave him thinking about everything except you in that dress (if ya know what I mean).


8. Floral Wrap Maxi Dress – Everyone loves to have dessert with their dinner date. (The dessert is you).


9. Lace Turtleneck – For the sexy ladies that don’t like to wear dresses.


10. Off the Shoulder Bodysuit – I love this color and these sleeves. (Please wear a bodysuit at your own risk and plan your bathroom trips accordingly.)


Hopefully this helps you find something cute for your V-day plans! Checkout tons of other cute dresses here.

Xx, Kennah