What’s In My Make-up Bag? : Urban Decay Concealer

Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is my ride or die (wow that’s a mouthful). The formula is perfect because it’s very lightweight. It gives you a good amount of coverage but it’s not thick so it never creases! It lasts all day long and blends in easily. The concealer comes in a tube with an easy application wand. I apply it in upside down triangles under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my forehead and chin. This gives you the most natural look instead of only doing your dark circles. I blend it out with the beauty blender and set it will a banana powder. I use the fair neutral color because I’m usually very pale, but I also have the light color and the formula is consistent between colors. If you love MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer you’ll love this one!

Xx, Kennah


Hair Training Crash Course

Washing, drying, and styling your hair every single day is an unwanted hassle and is so time consuming! Did you know by washing your hair too much you could actually be damaging it? Shampooing too often can leave your hair feeling dry, making it prone to breakage. It could also have the opposite effect you’re going for and cause your scalp to over produce oil making it greasy faster. I train my hair so it lasts longer between washes and you can too! My hair grows very quickly and is always shiny and healthy looking. All this requires is a little patience because training your hair overnight doesn’t work. If you wash your hair everyday start by washing it every other day, you’ll notice the less you wash it the less you will need to wash it. Of course at first it will be super gross because it is used to being washed everyday so prepare for hat and ponytail days. Your hair will get used to your routine and will produce less oils. The thicker your hair is the longer you can go without washing. Everyone is different and not all of us are lucky enough to only have to wash our hair every four days. You can determine how long your hair can go without getting too gross. Things like working out and the weather can effect how long you can go. Here are a few tips I use to make my washes last longer.

  1. Dry Shampoo – chances are you’re probably using this product wrong (I was too!). Dry shampoo needs to be applied BEFORE your hair looks and feels greasy. Use it on day one hair and everyday after to help absorb as much oil as possible.
  2. Conditioner – while in the shower only apply a small amount of conditioner to your ends careful to avoid the scalp!
  3. Oils & Products – don’t put too much product in your hair even on just your ends! Decide what is absolutely a necessity for you and get rid of the other products. You may think by applying oils to the ends of your hair it’s not going to make your hair greasy – WRONG – it travels up your strand of hair and gets to your scalp.
  4. Boar Brush – using a boar brush will help you evenly distribute the oils from the top of your end through your ends so the build-up isn’t at your roots. (Most people say to brush out tangles with another brush and then use this one!)
  5. Pull it back – when working out, showering, AND when sleeping! Something I never thought about was when you go to sleep with hair or skin that needs to be washed the oil transfers onto your pillow case (make sure to wash them often). When you lay down again with clean hair it can make it dirty and oily!
  6. Don’t Touch it! – if you haven’t noticed the more you touch your hair the greasier it looks. That’s because the oils from your palms transfer to your hair! Try not to mess with your bangs or brushing it back in the same spot over and over.

Some people even take it a step further and use a clarifying shampoo every few weeks to get rid of all the build-up of oil they have. Another this I’ve seen a lot is an apple cider rinse, but that seems silly to me because for me its about avoiding having to wash, dry and style continuously.

Thanks for reading! Let me know how these tips work for you or if they’re something you already practice! Keep those locks luscious girl.

Xx, Kennah


Travel Essentials

As you know I love to travel, I’m going on quite a few trips this spring/summer so I wanted to create a guide for my must-haves while traveling (in no specific order). If you have any must-haves for traveling you think I’d like please send them my way!

Comfort is a huge priority for me while traveling, but I also like to look cute not as if I just rolled out of bed. The Lululemon Align II Pants give me the best of both worlds. They are so comfy and feel like you’re not even wearing pants (that’s why they call them the naked pants) and they make you bum look nice! These are perfect for a long flight or drive because they’re not restricting at all. They’re a bit expensive, but I promise you’ll wear them everyday and it will be worth it.


Next comfort item is cozy socks! It can get pretty cold on airplane’s or even a chilly hotel room at night. It’s always nice to have a soft pair of socks to help you get warm or just to put on at night after your shower.

I am overly cautious about getting too much sun and using sunscreen. I take good care of my skin and I never want wrinkles so I make sure I use my sunscreen frequently. For my face I use Tarteguard SPF 30 it doesn’t make me breakout like some of the others I have tried. For my body I use Sun Bum Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30 as well (they make a spray version). It also smells tropical which I love. For my lips I use Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm that is SPF 30. It also has aloe and Vitamin E to keep them soft and smooth. It comes in a few different flavors, but I love the banana one! (Ulta never has them in stock in-stores that tells you how popular they are, but they also have them at Target if they’re out!) I also bought the cutest sun hat from Nordstrom to help out with keeping my face out of the sun!


MEDICINE! Questionably the most important thing on this list. It’s always a good idea to take any medicines you think you may need with you. It would be tragic to be stuck in a foreign country with a language barrier and a stomach ache. This could be a life or death type of situation. (Zofran is also a life saver if you’re feeling nauseous). If you have a hard time sleeping in new environments try melatonin!

Sensibility! While traveling I don’t want to carry my big purse around or worry about an expensive bag being taken or something falling out during the hustle and bustle. I love to have a backpack to carry my stuff around in! It’s so conveinient and distributes weight more evenly than a purse which makes my back happy! I found a few super cute backpacks (one of which I used in disneyland and it was perfect!) and they’re all only $20!

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Another sensible must-have for me is a passport holder! (If you’re going out of the country that is.) It keeps all your important things together: passport, money, and credit cards.

We can’t forget about BEAUTY essentials. Time changes and jet lag can be a killer for your sleep schedule. Nobody likes dark circles under their eyes or looking tired so thus my next essential: Under Eye Gel Patches. Send those under eye bags packing!

Dry Shampoo. Sometimes when you’re on the go so much, you don’t have time to wash, dry, and re-style your hair. This is where LUSH’s No Drought Dry Shampoo comes into play and saves the day! My favorite part about this dry shampoo is that it works well even on dark hair and adds volume (BONUS!).


Gadgets are a bare-necessity in today’s world. Headphones are perfect when it comes to air travel (especially when you want to tune out your snoring seat-mate). I’m a freak about quality head phones. You won’t see me with the cheap $15 headphones that hurt your ears. I’m all for comfort and quality when it comes to my music entertainment. I have a few pairs of Beats that I like to use and what’s better than wireless earphones that don’t tangle around everything?

Continuing with gadgets is a portable charger. If you’re like me you love to take photos and videos of everything while traveling, but it can get tricky when you’re on the go all day long looking up directions and places to eat. That’s why the TravelCard is perfect. It’s so thin you can actually fit it in your wallet and it gives you 5 hours of charge time!


Finally we have: a good book. It’s the perfect time killer while traveling. Have a layover or a long drive? Nothing passes time for me like reading and it just makes me feel as if I’m taking a piece of home with me.

Xx, Kennah


Now Playing: Windows Rolled Down

These are my all-time favorite blast your speakers roll down the windows type of songs.

Xx, Kennah


Summer Sandals

I’ve searched the internet and found the CUTEST sandals that will give your summer outfits that extra something. I have divided them into 2 budget lists, Reasonable and Cute and I Have to Have it no Matter The Price. Keep them feet fancy!

Reasonable and Cute

Photo 1: www.ae.com/flatbraidedsandal

Photo 2 (top): www.ae.com/lace-up-ankle-sandal

Photo 3 (bottom): www.ae.com/toe-ring-sandal-white

Photo 4: www.ae.com/toe-ring-laced-up-sandal

Photo 5: www.ae.com/front-strap-block-heel

Photo 6: www.ae.com/t-strap-molded-footbed-sandal

Photo 7: www.ae.com/strappy-flat-sandal

Photo 8: www.ae.com/doublebucklesandals

Photo 9: www.quipid.com/taupelasercutsandals

Photo 10: (top): www.qupid.com/peeptoesandals

Photo 11: (bottom): www.target.com/colorblocksandal

Photo 12: www.target.com/farylerobinplumemason

Photo 13: www.lulus.com/euphrates-black-flat-sandal

Photo 14: www.lulus.com/zoila-champage-ankle

Photo 15: www.lulus.com/sand-a-chance

Photo 16: www.lulus.com/nia-white-sandals


I Have to Have it no Matter The Price

Photo 1: www.ae.com/bass-scarlet-sandal-rose

Photo 2 (top): www.ae.com/bass-savannah-sandal-cream

Photo 3 (bottom): www.ae.com/birkenstock-mayari-cream

Photo 4: www.ae.com/birkenstock-madrid-black

Photo 5: www.ae.com/BC-valor-heel

Photo 6:  www.nordstrom.com/steve-madden-irenee

Photo 7: www.nordstrom.com/steve-madden-rose

Photo 8: www.joie.com/sable-sandal

Photo 9: www.joie.com/opal-heeled-sandal

Photo 10: www.nordstrom.com/steve-madden-shays

Xx, Kennah



Now Playing: Under the Radar

This is one of my favorite playlists I’ve created. A compilation of all the songs that you won’t find on any iTunes top charts, but feed your soul all the same.#nowplaying on Under the Radar!

Xx, Kennah



Vacation Wear

This post is inspired by my upcoming trips to the Dominican Republic, California, and Las Vegas! I’ve been shopping around for cute outfits to wear and have found amazing shops that have the cutest vacation clothes so your vacay can be as perfect as all those Instagram travelers! What I look for in a vacation outfit is comfy and cute! I love hues of blue, stripes, creamy whites. Playsuits are perfect because you don’t have so many pieces you could possibly forget and it saves you suitcase space (which is precious!) I love anything tropical or floral printed! Add a straw hat and your favorite pair of sunnies to top off your outfit!

The first shop I found that has the cutest vacation clothes sure to inspire travel vibes is Showpo.

Photo 1: www.showpo.com/coolbreezeplaysuit

Photo 2: www.showpo.com/thinkingofyoutop

Photo 3: www.showpo.com/hiddenheartplaysuit

Photo 4: www.showpo.com/thinkingaboutyoumaxi

Photo 5: www.showpo.com/notre-damemaxidress

Photo 6: www.showpo.com/suenoscroptop

Photo 7: www.showpo.com/flyingonneverlandmaxiskirt

The next shop I found the dreamiest vacay clothes at is Lulu’s.


Photo 1: www.lulus.com/slendorousnavybluedress

Photo 2: www.lulus.com/tendermoments

Photo 3: www.lulus.com/classiccosmopolitan

Photo 4: www.lulus.com/terracottatote

Photo 5: www.lulus.com/accaliawhiskeybrownlaceuppompomsandals

Photo 6: www.lulus.com/tavikcarey

Photo 7: www.lulus.com/lovelyivorydress

Photo 8: www.lulus.com/startanew

Photo 9: www.lulus.com/fielddaynavyblueprint

Next I found a few vacation goodies from Mura Boutique.

Photo 1: www.muraboutique.com/matchpointplaysuit

Photo 2: www.muraboutique.com/adelenedress

Photo 3: www.muraboutique.com/signalsplaysuit

Photo 4: www.muraboutique.com/ohanadress

Photo 5: www.muraboutique.com/roatwistseam

Photo 6: www.muraboutique.com/amazonprincessjumpsuit

Photo 7: www.muraboutique.com/summerescapedress

Photo 9: www.muraboutique.com/daredeviltop

Finally for my favorite! White Fox Boutique.

Photo 1: www.whitefoxboutique.com/islandromperskyblue

Photo 2: www.whitefoxboutique.com/innerbloomplaysuitpalmprint

Photo 3: www.whitefoxboutique.com/elsadresswhite

Photo 4: www.whitefoxboutique.com/cherryblossomwhitelace

Photo 5: www.whitefoxboutique.com/shorelinecropwhite

Photo 6: www.whitefoxboutique.com/calmwatersset

Photo 7: www.whitefoxboutique.com/dakotacrepeshortsset

I could seriously post hundreds of outfits here, but if you want more visit my pinterest board Vacay Wear Por Favor!

Xx, Kennah